Bankruptcy and other Consumer Protection Laws were created to protect you

Criminal Restitution

Did you know that if you are struggling to pay back money that relates to criminal restitution, you can file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and spread out the debt over a 5 yr period, which is often much longer than the court established in your criminal case?

For example, if you have been ordered to repay $5,000 and were given 2 yrs to do so, your monthly note would be approximately $208. If you filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy with a 5 yr Plan, your monthly note would be reduced to approximately $84.

There are many other types of debt that stem from criminal/civil action. It’s important to remember that bankruptcy may be able to provide some relief based on exactly what type of fees, fines, restitution, penalties, settlement, etc that you owe.

It’s important to have the documents that lay out your obligations with you when you consult with me. We will take a look at what you owe and exactly what relief a bankruptcy can offer you.