Bankruptcy and other Consumer Protection Laws were created to protect you

Credit Counseling Course Requirements

Before any bankruptcy case can be filed, each individual must complete a counseling course. The course is called the pre-filing Credit Counseling course and costs from $9.99-$25. It can be completed by telephone or on the internet. Upon finishing the course you will be issued a certificate of completion. Your attorney must file this certificate with your bankruptcy petition.

After the bankruptcy case has been filed, each individual must complete a second course called the post-filing Debtor Education course which costs from $9.99-$25. This course may also be completed on the telephone or on the internet. Your attorney must file a signed statement declaring that you have completed the second course before a discharge will be granted.

The credit counseling courses are offered by 3rd party companies that provide the counseling in accordance with bankruptcy law requirements. Normally you pay the counseling company directly but some have the option of billing your attorney so that you can pay all fees to your attorney. There are many companies that provide this service which is why the pricing varies.

When you meet with me at your initial consultation, I will provide you with the credit counseling company options available to Mississippi consumers so that you can decide which company you prefer to use.