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American Dream Homeownership

American Dream Homeownership
Remember when...

Remember when our grandparents were starting out? People worked and saved to pay cash for a home. If there was a loan involved, it was with the local banker who held the deed and worked with a struggling homeowner because the bank also had a stake in the loan’s success. Foreclosure was truly a last resort. Banks lost money – family lost their home – nobody profited. Modifications were ironed out face to face between the homeowner and their banker.

Black Family
…people paid cash
for their homes?

The American Dream – work hard, buy a home, and raise a family.

For a little background on how the American Dream of owning a home has virtually become a nightmare, click here to read my discussion regarding what changed in the last 15 yrs and how mortgage servicers and investors have diced up your property.

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