Bankruptcy and other Consumer Protection Laws were created to protect you

Debt Collection Harassment & Lawsuit Defense

If you have ever been harassed by a debt collector, you know how horrible it can be. They will lie, shout, threaten, belittle, and verbally abuse you – call your friends, workplace, and family. You don’t have to tolerate this activity. Definitely don’t fall prey to these tactics! These methods work so well that there are debt collection companies out there collecting on debts that don’t even exist – have never existed – but they are so scary that people pay them just to make it stop!

Debt collectors can be sued for a number of violations. I have plenty of experience in this area and can help if you have been victimized by debt collectors.

Threatening to file a lawsuit against you is also a tactic and is often followed through. Most credit card companies or medical facilities send their debt on to collections within 3 months. Debt collectors work the case for approximately another 3 months. They often then turn it over to an attorney who then files a lawsuit.

Sometimes it is beneficial to fight that individual lawsuit if you are ok financially otherwise. That’s an option. Sometimes it is beneficial to file bankruptcy to stop the lawsuit and to clean up ALL your debt issues for the price of fighting just one on its own. That’s were a consultation come in – where we can take a look at your overall picture, all your options (fight the lawsuit & possibly sue for debt collection violations) or file bankruptcy which will clean the slate (not just this lawsuit) and then sue for debt collection violations within the bankruptcy.

There is a strategy to this and it’s critical to look at all options so that whatever action you take provides you the most benefit!