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Frank Coxwell
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Phone: (601) 948-4450

1675 Lakeland Dr, #102
Jackson, Mississippi 39216

My name is Frank Coxwell. On a personal note, I’m husband to Joanie Coxwell, father to Rachel Coxwell, and stepfather to Joshua & Ashley Berry. Rachel is currently in her last year of law school. Joshua is working on a Sound Engineering degree and Ashley is working towards passing the CPA exam. I have been blessed and my wife and I are so proud of our kids! We love Mississippi and currently live in the Madison area.

On a professional note, I’m a lawyer based in Jackson, Mississippi and a partner in the law firm of Coxwell & Associates, PLLC with my brother, attorney Merrida Coxwell, and attorney Chuck Mullins. I’ve had the privilege of working with them for years along with the various associate attorneys that have been a part of the firm. I’ve practiced law for over 35+ years and for a while, focused on criminal and personal injury (as the other attorneys in our firm still do). But for the last 10 or so years, I have found that I love working in the financial area of law. I believe my trial and litigation experience in the prior areas are a tremendous asset to me now in protecting my clients from debt collectors, mortgage fraud, foreclosure scams, etc.

So, if you need assistance with Bankruptcy, Stopping Foreclosures, Stopping Garnishments, Stopping Debt Collectors, Mortgage Help, Mortgage Modification, or Mortgage Fraud matters, I can help.

I’ve been solving my client’s legal and financial problems for more than 35 years. What makes me different is that I also work with you to ensure you are armed with the information needed to rebuild your credit (often possible to do within a year) and ensure that you have the knowledge needed to make the most of the fresh start you deserve, once we have addressed your financial situation. It’s my job to provide the information you need to make an informed decision on what’s best for you, and as your attorney, I take that responsibility very seriously. Financial stress can overwhelm you and your family, and that’s something that together, we can get you through.

If you are a Mississippi homeowner, I also work with you to address any instances of predatory lending or predatory loan servicing related to your mortgage. I frequently sue mortgage companies for mortgage fraud. I am one of the few attorneys in Mississippi that sues mortgage companies. I also actively train other attorneys in this area to do so as well.

On this website, you’ll find answers to many of the Bankruptcy and Mortgage questions you have. You can type your question in the search box, click on my Blog to find posts pertaining to your topic of choice, and/or click on the various page headings at the top.

If you can’t find the answer to your specific bankruptcy or mortgage question on this site, or are seeking other legal options to deal with debt harassment, lawsuits, mortgage issues, foreclosure, garnishments, bankruptcy, etc and would like to discuss these matters with me, please contact me at 601.948.4450 or email at for a free consultation and audit of your case.

Bankruptcy was created to protect you, protect your family, and protect your property. Call 601.948.4450 and ask for Frank Coxwell. Our normal office hours are 9:00-5:00 Monday thru Friday, but I do offer after hour or weekend appointments upon request. If I’m with a client or in court, you can leave me a voicemail and I will return your call promptly; or feel free to leave a message with my paralegal, Joanie Coxwell.

PS – In case you didn’t catch it, yes, my wife Joanie is also my paralegal. And I can tell you that she is the best paralegal an attorney could ever hope to have. She not only has an accounting and auditing background perfect for my area of practice, but sincerely cares about people and making sure they get the best legal service possible. It’s about our family helping yours – and we consider it a privilege to do so.